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Drug Screening

In the Western District of Tennessee, drug screening is administered under the authority of the sentencing judge, as set forth in the Judgment and Commitment Order. Urine drug screens are tested utilizing handheld detection devices, in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions. All negative urine samples are immediately discarded along with the handheld drug screening device. Any offender who tests positive for a controlled substance is asked to either deny or admit to use of controlled substances in writing. If the offender admits to the use of prohibited substances in writing, the sample and handheld device are discarded. If they deny use of controlled substances or refuse to sign the admission form, the sample is packaged and sent to the national drug testing laboratory. Under special circumstances, sweat patches can be utilized to determine use of controlled substances. The random drug screening program is utilized for offenders that have been determined to be actively using controlled substances, or there is a reasonable amount of information to suggest that strict controlled substance monitoring is necessary.